Tips on How to Pack Garments for Moving

Movers Aurora Ontario advice everyone to pack clothing for moving by preparing in advance and using the appropriate packaging supplies.

Reset and sort your apparel. Step one to sort is to take out your clothing from your closet, chest, attic room, and so on.

  • Now that you’ve started to classify, put each of your clothes in select loads.
  • Remove needless items.  Examine the clothing for pests, bad smell, damages. After you sort through your closet, you will have a bin of outdated and worn out clothing to get rid of.
  • Give away garments that are still in great shape and doesn’t suit you.

Set aside clothes you’ll need promptly.  Have a small bag with some changes of clothes which you can use when you arrive at your new house.

  • Load up clothes you’ll need after arriving to your new property in a separate container. This will likely consist of clothes, and also tooth brushes, mouth wash, hair accessories etc.
  • Use your clothes as padding to your boxes and wrapping for your fragile stuff.

Use cardboard closets to pack your closet. You will have just move your clothes on hangers and put them on the rack of this portable wardrobe. It’s very convenient and easy to pack and unpack.

Movers Aurora Ontario are glad to provide you with special packing supplies for clothes and also offer our packaging service.