Some Tips From Aurora Moving Companies on How to Pack Your Garage Area

Organizing the garage for moving is usually a time consuming activity. Agree that hardly anyone uses garage only for its intended purpose, to keep the car. Most the garages looks like a storage area for lawn mower, snow blower, yard tools, athletic equipment and all the trash we are not ready to throw away.  Therefore the first action to be is to clear and organize.

Begin with properly dumping hazardous waste like old paint containers, chemicals, fertilizers, gas and oil.  Next, throw out all scrap stuff.

No doubts that you’ve got a collection of screws, bolts and nails all over your garage area! If you are an organized person, you probably keep them sorted in containers. But this is probably just 99% away from the reality! If so, then start sort your small stuff, seal and label the containers, or use the transparent ones.

Hand tools such as screwdrivers, hammers and pliers goes to boxes or better tool containers. Cover sharp parts of your tools with tape. Larger sized sharp tools like circular saws or drills need to be covered with paper or bubble wrap and encased. Suitcases and equipment bags are actually excellent packing units for garage instruments.

To move heavy, large instruments like all kinds of saws you’ll need help. Ensure safety when moving this type of stuff by removing blades and cover them generously applying wrapping supplies.  If possible, take them apart for easier transportation but do that just if you know well how to put them back together.

Leave all customized benches, tables and so on since you more likely will not need them in your new property.  If you have units that may be easily moved think about packing tools inside them.

And finally, gas powered tools: be safe and empty all motor driven tools of gas. All Aurora Moving Companies and from other areas do not ship any tools with fuel inside.  Cover cutting edge with tape or even better, remove the blades and store them in a special container.