If Having a Job Related Move

Having a job related moving is exciting and tough at the same time.

Even when your employers offer a complete moving assistance, it is best to discuss the terms of your moving package before signing the agreement.  Movers Aurora recommend considering some important moments, described below.

The optimum time to discuss moving expenses is just before accepting a new position and eliminates all the unpleasant situations. Ask your employer about company’s moving policy and benefits (and better to get a paper copy).

Get some more information by asking your colleagues about their experiences.

Companies generally take care of immediate moving expenses in 3 ways:

  • A onetime payment offered to cover expenses related to moving, such as movers, accommodations, foods, and distance.
  • All charges paid up to a specific amount, based on all your receipts.
  • All charges paid and matched up with the company’s moving services provider.

The examples below show common expenses covered by business relocation:

  • Temporary accommodations
  • Trips costs.
  • Finding a property.
  • Moving services costs.

Other things to ask your employer when having a job related moving would be

  • Assistance in selling your old home.
  • Additional paid days off for traveling and property seeking in the new area.
  • Delivery of your car at the company’s cost.
  • A one-time payment to pay for home appliance installment, car registration, home cleaning etc.
  • Job placement for a partner.

Get you all the contracts written! Movers Aurora wishing you good luck!