The Best Way to Move Your Vintage Items and Collectible

Aurora Movers offer you some pointers on how you can move your valuables.

We care about safety of your items and wish to guarantee them safe arrival to your location. The priority belongs to those items, which necessitating additional care such as your collectible, electronic devices and vintage valuable objects.

Let professionals to help you out.

When our agent comes to your property for estimation, point out items which may need particular attention. This kind of items might be: fragile porcelains, family treasures, precious antique items and electronic products. Determine which belongings you want to pack yourself and which you’d like to be packed by Aurora Movers.

Our moving consultant knows about packing specifics of such objects and can easily teach you on how to get ready for the relocation. If you choose to pack some stuff yourself, we advise you use similar materials which are used by professional movers to guarantee optimum protection.

These types of supplies consist of double- and triple-walled boxes, stretch/cushioning wraps, packaging tape, fine tissue paper and craft paper. You also will be needing labels for example, “Do Not Load,” “Load Last/Unload First,” “Do Not Pack,” “Parts Box” and “Fragile.”

These types of materials are available at Aurora Moving Company for reasonable prices. If you prefer professional movers to pack your valuable items, the crew will get there with all the required packing materials.

Your moving services will be booked to permit sufficient time to pack these unique items appropriately.