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Moving During Holidays

Happy Holidays!

It’s not an ideal time for moving, but if you have to move during holidays, and then let’s talk a bit about this. Regardless of whether moving far or just nearby, moving during the holidays is doubly unpleasant and difficult process.

To make sure that your approaching moving is as cheerful and bright as it can be Aurora movers suggest a summary of important things to consider when moving during “the most wonderful time of the year.”

When planning moving during holidays, remember that movers have families and most likely have some holiday commitments too. So, it is important to book your Moving Company in Aurora at the earliest opportunity. A DIY moving involves other type of problems, like holiday traffic.

Be aware that holiday moving will cost you more than usually. If planning to use any of Aurora moving companies, take into account that you could save some money by getting a mid week move. Try to avoid moving on a holiday weekend.

A budget friendly option would be getting truck rental or portable moving storage containers.  Other solution to keep expenses lower is getting free boxes. Reuse old newspaper, magazines, covers, bath towels and linens for padding; get relatives and buddies to generate a DIY move.

One thing is absolutely unpredictable and out of your control though. The weather… and you know Canadian winter. So, expect icy roads, blizzards and that holiday weather “gift set” you might get.  That is why is important to have ready winter tires if moving on your own, proper clothes for you and your team; use lots of plastic wrap to protect your goods. Be cautious about icy pathways and stairs.

Another problem of moving on holiday season is that your kids will have to switch schools in the middle of school year and kids hate this. But stay positive! Its holiday season after all! Relax and sip some wine! Cheers!

If Having a Job Related Move

Having a job related moving is exciting and tough at the same time.

Even when your employers offer a complete moving assistance, it is best to discuss the terms of your moving package before signing the agreement.  Movers Aurora recommend considering some important moments, described below.

The optimum time to discuss moving expenses is just before accepting a new position and eliminates all the unpleasant situations. Ask your employer about company’s moving policy and benefits (and better to get a paper copy).

Get some more information by asking your colleagues about their experiences.

Companies generally take care of immediate moving expenses in 3 ways:

  • A onetime payment offered to cover expenses related to moving, such as movers, accommodations, foods, and distance.
  • All charges paid up to a specific amount, based on all your receipts.
  • All charges paid and matched up with the company’s moving services provider.

The examples below show common expenses covered by business relocation:

  • Temporary accommodations
  • Trips costs.
  • Finding a property.
  • Moving services costs.

Other things to ask your employer when having a job related moving would be

  • Assistance in selling your old home.
  • Additional paid days off for traveling and property seeking in the new area.
  • Delivery of your car at the company’s cost.
  • A one-time payment to pay for home appliance installment, car registration, home cleaning etc.
  • Job placement for a partner.

Get you all the contracts written! Movers Aurora wishing you good luck!

Tips on How to Pack Garments for Moving

Movers Aurora Ontario advice everyone to pack clothing for moving by preparing in advance and using the appropriate packaging supplies.

Reset and sort your apparel. Step one to sort is to take out your clothing from your closet, chest, attic room, and so on.

  • Now that you’ve started to classify, put each of your clothes in select loads.
  • Remove needless items.  Examine the clothing for pests, bad smell, damages. After you sort through your closet, you will have a bin of outdated and worn out clothing to get rid of.
  • Give away garments that are still in great shape and doesn’t suit you.

Set aside clothes you’ll need promptly.  Have a small bag with some changes of clothes which you can use when you arrive at your new house.

  • Load up clothes you’ll need after arriving to your new property in a separate container. This will likely consist of clothes, and also tooth brushes, mouth wash, hair accessories etc.
  • Use your clothes as padding to your boxes and wrapping for your fragile stuff.

Use cardboard closets to pack your closet. You will have just move your clothes on hangers and put them on the rack of this portable wardrobe. It’s very convenient and easy to pack and unpack.

Movers Aurora Ontario are glad to provide you with special packing supplies for clothes and also offer our packaging service.

Varieties of Moving Companies and Services in Aurora, Ontario

Based on your requirements and budget, you may choose a particular type of moving services for your moving. Let us see then what types of moving services exist? Actually, we can highlight the main three types: local, long distance and commercial moving services. All charges are usually based on moving type. Estimations for the “end-to-end” move derive from number of factors like type of moving services requested; dimensions and weigh of the stuff must be moves and the distance of your moving from the start point to the final destination.

Let’s examine each type of Moving Services Aurora mentioned above.

Local Moving Services are done within specific distance. Moving companies should have various permits, so  when you are moving regionally search for movers that perform local moving in order to get a better price point. Aurora local moves charges on hourly basis. The overall cost of your moving also depends on what subtype of local moving you need: a full moving service or just partial packing.

Long-distance moving services are similar to local moving when you may request a full package or save on packing service by wrapping the stuff yourself.  Long distance is a move to a distance which exceeds 100 miles from the start point. If moving to a long distance, anticipate getting prices which are significantly higher. The standard moving rates depend on the weight and the cubic feet of the stuff, plus the moving distance. To be sure about final price, ask for an in-home estimation. Usually all Moving Companies in Aurora, Ontario and other areas offer this service for free.

Commercial Relocation serves small or big business moving needs. Here prices are more accommodating due to particular moving needs including quantity of movers, certain packing, supplies, tools and equipment. This type of relocation is usually more difficult and hence more expensive.

Moving is not exciting and do not underestimate it! Usually hiring professional movers is absolutely worthy of the money we pay! Remember to research your moving companies by reading the Aurora moving reviews!

Some Tips From Aurora Moving Companies on How to Pack Your Garage Area

Organizing the garage for moving is usually a time consuming activity. Agree that hardly anyone uses garage only for its intended purpose, to keep the car. Most the garages looks like a storage area for lawn mower, snow blower, yard tools, athletic equipment and all the trash we are not ready to throw away.  Therefore the first action to be is to clear and organize.

Begin with properly dumping hazardous waste like old paint containers, chemicals, fertilizers, gas and oil.  Next, throw out all scrap stuff.

No doubts that you’ve got a collection of screws, bolts and nails all over your garage area! If you are an organized person, you probably keep them sorted in containers. But this is probably just 99% away from the reality! If so, then start sort your small stuff, seal and label the containers, or use the transparent ones.

Hand tools such as screwdrivers, hammers and pliers goes to boxes or better tool containers. Cover sharp parts of your tools with tape. Larger sized sharp tools like circular saws or drills need to be covered with paper or bubble wrap and encased. Suitcases and equipment bags are actually excellent packing units for garage instruments.

To move heavy, large instruments like all kinds of saws you’ll need help. Ensure safety when moving this type of stuff by removing blades and cover them generously applying wrapping supplies.  If possible, take them apart for easier transportation but do that just if you know well how to put them back together.

Leave all customized benches, tables and so on since you more likely will not need them in your new property.  If you have units that may be easily moved think about packing tools inside them.

And finally, gas powered tools: be safe and empty all motor driven tools of gas. All Aurora Moving Companies and from other areas do not ship any tools with fuel inside.  Cover cutting edge with tape or even better, remove the blades and store them in a special container.

Tips Giving by Movers in Aurora, on How to Move Your Aquarium

Relocating is coming up fast, and surprisingly you’re all packed, except for those strange things you could hardly put in the common medium size box. For example something like your huge sea water aquarium! What are you going to with that? Our Movers in Aurora found answers on how to solve your unusual moving problems. So, let’s move the Aquarium.

A 200 gallon aquarium could make your property look fantastic; however it won’t do such a wowing effect in your new home if it’s squashed into 50 million pieces inside the moving truck. To pack it up right, you absolutely need the proper equipment. There are actually mirror containers specifically created for that. You can purchase them at equipment stores or our movers can provide you with them.

If decided to move it without applying to professionals then

  1. Take enough strong helpers with you.
  2. Wear sturdy gloves when moving a fish tank.
  3. Plan your path before beginning to move your fish tank. You will most probably come across challenges like doorways, hallways and stairwells. Be sure to measure every little thing twice.

There are experiences of door and windows removed simply to move safely a big fish tank. And don’t forget that large and weighty aquariums are difficult to deal with and taking a lot of time moving it. Our advice – hire the pros!

The Best Way to Move Your Vintage Items and Collectible

Aurora Movers offer you some pointers on how you can move your valuables.

We care about safety of your items and wish to guarantee them safe arrival to your location. The priority belongs to those items, which necessitating additional care such as your collectible, electronic devices and vintage valuable objects.

Let professionals to help you out.

When our agent comes to your property for estimation, point out items which may need particular attention. This kind of items might be: fragile porcelains, family treasures, precious antique items and electronic products. Determine which belongings you want to pack yourself and which you’d like to be packed by Aurora Movers.

Our moving consultant knows about packing specifics of such objects and can easily teach you on how to get ready for the relocation. If you choose to pack some stuff yourself, we advise you use similar materials which are used by professional movers to guarantee optimum protection.

These types of supplies consist of double- and triple-walled boxes, stretch/cushioning wraps, packaging tape, fine tissue paper and craft paper. You also will be needing labels for example, “Do Not Load,” “Load Last/Unload First,” “Do Not Pack,” “Parts Box” and “Fragile.”

These types of materials are available at Aurora Moving Company for reasonable prices. If you prefer professional movers to pack your valuable items, the crew will get there with all the required packing materials.

Your moving services will be booked to permit sufficient time to pack these unique items appropriately.


Moving to Another Area

How to move to another location fast and with the maximum comfort? How to organize everything without fuss? These are main questions we usually ask ourselves when planning moving.

Yes, moving is a complex and time-consuming process, which requires high organization. We hope that following article will help you to prepare for a hassle-free move.

First will be needed to calm down and think rationally. Then, prepare all documents; explore your new location; and choose a reliable carrier.

Believe us, moving on your own will not help you to save money as you might think, but rather will require more effort, time and spending. Book your move with professional and experienced movers who can offer you the best solution regarding your personal needs.

Nowadays lots of Moving Companies in Aurora are ready to take up the implementation and organization of your move, but not all of them faithfully fulfill their obligations.

Remember, that a written contract with the prescribed rights and obligations, risks and responsibilities is a must.

Decide on professional and experienced moving company with good reviews and recommendations. Best Aurora Movers is a company which meets the above requirements. We are ready to organize your move to another location.

Best Aurora Movers work according to the fulfilled scenario. Each order is carefully processed and calculated. Our prices are fixed and cannot be changed at the end of the process.

Each stage of your moving is monitored by the assigned manager. Call Movers in Aurora to find out our special offers and conditions! We do not make empty promises.

Our team is experienced and rallied, working fast and efficient!

Our specialist will choose the optimal vehicle for your moving needs, will make a working plan and estimation; will negotiate with you all your requirements and wishes, will advise you to take advantage of some offered discounts.

If you want to think about moving with a smile and satisfaction, please call us!